Meet Monique

Supporting individuals to succeed is my passion.

I have been in education for 13 years, in the traditional school setting and in an intervention setting as well, including Reading Recovery.

Having seen many, many children go under the radar with learning challenges and diagnosed learning problems, without any extra support available, I have always wondered if there is a better way.

After having my own 2 beautiful girls, who are both very different learners, I can see that learning must be based around what each child needs. This has driven me to research ways to address these issues using the latest best practice.

My qualifications include: Bachelor of education, Post Graduate diploma in Education, Reading Recovery Teacher trained, Certificate in Gifted Education and recently I have become a Multi Sensory Literacy (MSL) educator – using structured, systematic and cumulative literacy education, specialising in helping dyslexic learners. 

This has become my passion and I am excited to take the leap and become solely focused on my passion – helping to support individuals to succeed in their own learning journey.

Giving your child the belief in themselves as a learner and showing them that no matter what, they can achieve, they just need a tailored solution.