1-on-1 Tuition

Full learning support with 1-to1 zoom or face-to-face sessions on literacy or numeracy, designed to suit your child’s needs. 

Structured Literacy 1-1 Tuition: 

Supporting children using a systematic, cumulative system where ALL children will learn to read, write and spell with confidence using the MSL approach. Specialised support for children with Dyslexia (diagnosed or suspected).

Numeracy 1-1 Tuition:

Supporting children to build confidence in their ability to use and understand numbers in the Primary years. Great for children who need a bit of extra support or clear explanations of different maths concepts that they may have missed in a busy classroom.

1-1 Tuition Includes:

Bookings will be for a 10 week term, with an initial and final assessment and progress report at the end of each 10 week block. 

  • An initial assessment allows the tuition to be targeted to where your child is at.
  • Sessions explicitly teach the strategies your child needs, based on research around current best practice. 
  • Watch your child’s confidence to read and write flourish with explicit instruction of what they need to do to read, write and spell. 
  • Sessions can be from 30 minutes to 1hour, 1-3 times a week, depending on what suits your child best. 
  • ”Home learning’ activities to do between sessions, will also be included to allow your child to practice what they learn in between sessions.

Tailored Learning Plans

Step-by-step learning plans to help you and your child stay on track and work towards pre-defined learning goals.

Home learning plans and support include;

  • Home schooling plans to guide you and your child every day to gain the best educational outcomes at home. 
  • Plans created to suit your needs. Done with an initial meeting where you can share your vision for your childs education. We then work together to plan and implement this. 
  • Choose 1-3 x weekly zoom sessions where explicit instruction is given in each 1 hour session in areas of concern or in topic based learning sessions. 
  • All resources, plans and learning links to online platforms used will be supplied if needed, it is up to you!

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